Statement SOS_ School of Sustainability

People have changing desires and needs while facing new economic, environmental and social challenges.
Architecture and urban design are called upon to provide appropriate responses in harmony with the environment and the cultural context.
However, there is a clear disconnect between aspirations and outcomes when it comes to sustainability.
To bridge the gap, we must redraw the professional figure of the architect through new approaches and visionary learning strategies.
Mario Cucinella, founder SOS – School of Saustainability

SOS emerges from a simple but fundamental idea (or question): the future of our profession.
SOS builds a culture of sustainability through dialogue and sharing a common vision of the future.
SOS creates a place where recent graduates and emerging professionals learn to embrace the complexity of practice.
SOS examines major goals for the coming decades, basing its approach upon 25 years of experience on major European and global objectives.
SOS immerses us in times to come, but also a place of creativity and intense interaction.
SOS is designed for those called to an active and participatory role in their life-long professional development.
SOS fosters innovation as a place for working collaboratively and for exchanging experiences with other.
SOS partners with companies and studios to share resources and engage in joint research leading to new solutions.
SOS hosts an open cultural community, connected with key national and international players in architecture, design and sustainability.